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Anthony is a Chartered Surveyor and Photographer. His interest in photography goes back to his college days when he first purchased a 35mm SLR camera in 1976, a self-taught photographer located in London and the New Forest, the lack of structured study has allowed him to learn through experience and experiment with his technique.


A keen interest in travel, has combined well with photography, giving a broad subject matter from widlife to street scenes. 


Anthony is currently a member of The Royal Photogrphic Society; Beureau of freelance Photographers and Beaulieu Camera Group.



The images have been taken over a number of years, originaly with Kodachrome and Ektachrome 35mm slide film which have been scanned with a Nikon Coolscan IV. More recently (from 2005 onwards) on Nikon digital SLR's using the DX and FX format.

Bear on Ice


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